Don’t be bananas – cut the waste

Don’t be bananas – cut the waste

It is world food day and so I decided to make a little post about something that I really love and something I really hate. I love food and hate waste. Approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. In the events industry we have calculated that over 50% is […]

Lessons for Sustainable Destinations & Events from Singapore- Water and Land

Having lived in Singapore for most of the last 2 months I’ve still much to learn about this fascinating island state but in this relatively short time have already been left impressed by how the government has used sustainability as a catalyst for innovation- providing lessons for any events business.  The conundrum is why has […]

Paper Smart in Rio

The meetings industry is a huge creator of waste. The average meeting attendee is estimate to produce over 8kg of waste, and that can be significantly more at large Events.  At COP15 we measured the waste footprint to be 3 tons per person! Thankfully we all are learning and I am very happy to see […]

On soap and other waste: are we doing it wrong?

In nature, and in a sustainable society, waste from one process is food for another (this and lots of other great stuff from William McDonough). Clean the World, and their effort to capture wasted soaps from hotels across the United States, might well be a brilliant example of this principle in action.  Yet the recent […]