Social Responsibility FAIL: can we do better?

Two international retailers, H&M and Wal-Mart, just got a pie in the face of their (stated?) strong Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Today’s news from the New York Times revealed that bags and bags and bags of unsold, post-holiday clothing stock was destroyed before being discarded, ostensibly to prevent it from being re-sold.  A saavy business […]

Wanted: Waste measurement!

Sustainable events require meeting planners to ascertain the amount of waste produced during the course of the event.  Like the swimmer who has no idea if they are doing well until the clock measures their performance, planners need measurement to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts. Assuming that some degree of waste diversion (product re-use, […]

Plan to waste, waste of planning?

Thankfully, a great deal of excitement has surfaced regarding recycling and the improved capture and diversion of waste at conferences and events. Still, all this focus on ‘end of pipe’ solutions mustn’t distract us from re-invigorating efforts to “Re-Use” before we “Re-Cycle”, where possible, anyway. Rather than plan to recycle all waste, consider items that […]

GMIC launches the Trash Challenge

If you concerned like we are about the amount of trash created and recycled at events then you may be interested to join the GMIC Trash challenge. The Million Tons of Trash Challenge was conceived by leaders and members of the Green Meetings Industry Council during the 2009 Action=Sustainability Conference.  The purpose of the […]