How Can Benchmarking Make Destinations More Sustainable?

How Can Benchmarking Make Destinations More Sustainable?

In response to an increasing focus on responsible and sustainable practices in the events industry, leading MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Event) destinations are working to make their locations more competitive and attractive to event planners and stakeholders. An integral part of what cities and venues are doing to improve the desirability of their destinations […]

Don’t Underestimate the Ripple Effect of Your Actions

Don’t Underestimate the Ripple Effect of Your Actions

“I’m only one person, so what difference will this make?” is something I hear a lot in the sustainability sphere. After all, what’s one more plastic bottle considering the ocean of bottles already floating around out there? The notion that we are only a small speck in the great mechanism of humanity can be discouraging […]

From 0 to 100: Its time to Re-Energize

From 0 to 100: Its time to Re-Energize

Across the globe — in regions, cities, communities, businesses, and individual lives — people are proving that 100% renewable energy is not a fantasy, but a reality today. But what about the meetings and events industry? And what about convention, congress and exhibition centers? Its time that us “clients” started requesting. lobbying and selecting venues […]

Sustainable Events: On strength & Connectedness

Organisations=Organisms Within any organisation, individual department-based process are interrelated and interdependent. Random example: The person working reception at a hotel, if they are to be productive and enthusiastic, relies on the successful observation of effective processes in the restaurant.  Poor systems will result in poor service and, eventually, problems for anybody involved in guest service. […]

Engaging Suppliers in sustainable business

Can an organization bring positive change to the world through supplier engagement? Any number of compelling examples exist. Wal-Mart, once vilified as a leech on local economies is now celebrated for effectively changing everything from supplier packaging to supplier commitment to green business practices.  To support their own mission to reduce the impacts of meetings, […]

Are “Green Meetings” hurting sustainable fisheries?

‘We have met the enemy and he is us‘   Pogo Hotels, conference centers, caterers and wholesale vendors across the globe routinely offer non-sustainable fish choices in response to real or perceived client demand.  Should they? Meeting planner and supplier polls show expanding interest in  ‘green meetings’. Meanwhile, perhaps in the name of tradition and/or good […]

The meetings industry is a paper tiger

Oddly, as technological innovations have advanced, and use of handheld communication devices expanded, so has the production of paper and consumption of trees.  In 1961, world production of paper and paperboard stood at 77 million tons.  In 2005,  354 million tons (more here). Meanwhile,  recycling of paper and paperboard in industrialized nations is consistently less […]

Fighting for freshwater at World Water Week

This week, here in Stockholm, Sweden, 2200 participants from around the world have gathered to address the critical issues related to freshwater.  World Water Week, now in its 18th year, focuses on “new thinking and positive action toward water-related challenges and the impact on the world’s environment, health, economic and poverty reduction agenda”. One exhibitor, World […]

Green Meeting menu initiative: low carbon meals

Cheese= Greenhouse gasses (GHGs). Who knew, right? But cow milk, coming from the same many-stomached , fossil fuel eating, methane belching ruminants as beef (and, of course, veal), carries a heavy GHG load. Lamb, too! Like it’s not confusing enough…Meeting Planner plates are already full of confusion with the local/organic/pesticide/herbicide stuff mentioned in previous posts. […]

What is sustainable procurement?

After my recent post about the 4Ps of Sustainable procurement, a few people asked me- well “what’s sustainable procurement?” After starting to write a nice post, I realised that the BS8901 standard has an excellent section on this in their sustainable event management standards. So hoping that I am not infringing on copyright, here it […]