5 Mistakes Planners Make when Creating Sustainable Events

5 Mistakes Planners Make when Creating Sustainable Events

For Earth Day and for #csrshareday I wanted to share the 5 frequent mistakes planners make when creating sustainable events. Sustainability is unidimensional It isn’t only about protecting the environment, saving resources or about having a CSR project during your event. Winning sustainability is about creating an integrate strategy for all the economic, environmental and social issues, […]

A Beginners Guide to Sustainable Events

A Beginners Guide to Sustainable Events

Earlier this week MCI’s very own experts on sustainable events, Guy Bigwood and Roger Simons, were invited to speak about Sustainability and it’s role as a driver of innovation in the events world during the Malaysia Business Events Week (MBEW) 2015 – an annual gathering of Malaysia’s business events industry and its stakeholders to learn, debate, explore business opportunities,  and innovate. My own opinion (though slightly […]

How to (Effectively) Implement Employee-Driven Sustainability Programmes

How to (Effectively) Implement Employee-Driven Sustainability Programmes

Successfully implementing employee-driven sustainability programmes is a challenging endeavour, especially for a global organisation with a geographically dispersed talent pool.  However, it is also one of the most effective means of inciting behavioural change and increasing productivity within an organisation and its operating communities. After all, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, employee […]

To Bee, Or Not To Be

To Bee, Or Not To Be

You may not think it, but the future of the human race depends almost as much on bees for their pollination as it does on our forests for its oxygen. After all, one in every three bites of food consumed worldwide comes from plants which depend on these little pollinators for a successful harvest. To […]

Fueling Success: MCI Community Academy

In support of our industry colleagues and the people of Greece, MCI decided to locate its annual training meeting in Athens, Greece. Despite the crisis, Greece remains a wonderful location for events and meetings, and as a leading global agency we were pleased to show our support. In addition to our business commitment, we wanted […]

A Good Day for Sustainable Hotels

We all have good days and bad days, it’s a fact of life- Friday last week, fortunately was a great day, a re-invigorating day that reassured me that Singapore has some superb examples of a solid approach to sustainability in the hotel sector . At the frontline of meeting and events Guy and I work […]

Top tips for communicating sustainability

Much has been written and, it seems, much has been ignored in the area of sustainability communications. While it’s important to share your company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility it’s equally important to know how to state your claims. Here we share our top ten tips, developed and learned from our work at MCI Sustainability […]

Behind the scenes of a sustainable EU Presidency

“To have success in sustainability – you just have to make it sufficiently hard for yourself that it becomes easy”. This was the advice from Kirsten Aggersborg, the director of the super sustainable Hotel Axel in Copenhagen. I think there is some real value to this observation, and this is no where more true than […]

Embedding Sustainability into Copenhagen Meetings Industry

Recorded at EIBTM, Michael Luehrs interviews Steen Jakobsen, Director of Conventions at Wonderful Copenhagen. Steen talks about how Copenhagen has embraced sustainability and embedded it into the meetings product and culture of the MICE industry.  Steen shares the approach – called the Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol (designed by us), and how leadership, stakeholder engagement and […]

Predictions for sustainable meetings and events, 2012: part 3

We ring in the New Year by rounding out our predictions list for 2012.  As with our earlier posts (here and here) we explore the trends and practical sustainable business practices which are helping planners and suppliers save money, build community and help the planet.  If we were counting these down New Year’s style, we’ve […]


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