Lessons for Sustainable Destinations & Events from Singapore- Water and Land

Having lived in Singapore for most of the last 2 months I’ve still much to learn about this fascinating island state but in this relatively short time have already been left impressed by how the government has used sustainability as a catalyst for innovation- providing lessons for any events business.  The conundrum is why has […]

Sustainable Events: On strength & Connectedness

Organisations=Organisms Within any organisation, individual department-based process are interrelated and interdependent. Random example: The person working reception at a hotel, if they are to be productive and enthusiastic, relies on the successful observation of effective processes in the restaurant.  Poor systems will result in poor service and, eventually, problems for anybody involved in guest service. […]

Do you have principles for sustainability?

There are hundreds of definitions of sustainability, and many people agree and disagree on what should be included. At the GMIC we follow the “Natural Step” Principles that define 4 conditions for developing sustainability.  These were develop by an international network of scientists who have unanimously and publically concluded that human society is damaging nature and […]