How Can Benchmarking Make Destinations More Sustainable?

How Can Benchmarking Make Destinations More Sustainable?

In response to an increasing focus on responsible and sustainable practices in the events industry, leading MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Event) destinations are working to make their locations more competitive and attractive to event planners and stakeholders. An integral part of what cities and venues are doing to improve the desirability of their destinations […]

Discover the Power of Taking Action

Today Symantec released their first event sustainability report. Written by yours truly, this report celebrates the commitment of the software giant to organising more responsible and effective meetings. For their flagship Vision conference organised in Barcelona, significant steps were taken to engage suppliers and implement better environmental event practices whilst on the social front they […]

2012 Sustainability Reporting Trends

One of the hot trends we stated for 2012 was the growth of sustainability reporting. So were we right in our prediction and did the tide turn? Well no – not exactly. It may not have gone mainstream but there was definitely a growth in reporting in the event industry and more importantly an improvement […]

Launch of GRI event organizers reporting guidelines

Launch of new event reporting guidelines from GRI In continuation on our series of posts about reporting, we have a great announcement to make: From today event organizers around the world now have a new tool that can help them to report on economic, environmental and social sustainability issues. The new guidelines have been developed […]

Transportation & events: omission of emissions?

Transport to and from meetings and events, and the carbon emissions which result, make many of us want to put our head in the sand.  We can hope that the problem will go away, but it sits there, a liability needing resolution.  Across the world, and in spite of commitment to reduce cost, climate impacts […]

Sustainable Event Reporting: Like eating your vegetables?

Parents differ on their approach to getting kids to eat vegetables, often falling into 2 camps: ‘eat it or else’ and ‘only take what you want”.  Which method produces the healthier eater?   There’s a parallel, here, to recent thinking on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting.  In her just published article, Elaine Cohen recaps the recent […]

Sustainable Meetings, Copenhagen style

COP15 was a transformative event for those closest to it, the organizers and the host city, Copenhagen.  The largest political event to ever happen in Denmark, COP15 brought unique challenges and opportunities. The story of how they worked together to deliver the first United Nations event to ever achieve BS8901 sustainable event management criteria is […]

COP15 carbon footprint report

Integrated into the COP15 event sustainability report was an excellent study of local carbon emissions conducted by the Copenhagen office of Deloitte. COP15 Carbon Footprint Deloitte 2010.pdf With lessons learned from the carbon footprint measurement of COP15, Deloitte is providing a list of recommendations for successful carbon footprint measurements for future COP meetings. 1. Establish […]

Sustainable events: Examples & Strategy

When it comes to sustainable events, most professional meetings planners understand the ’why’ but not the ’how’. An intrepid few invest time and effort to piece together different tactics in support of a more responsible event, but rarely does the approach have any strategic plan. Rarer still are the events which produce a thoughtful report […]

MCI Inaugural CSR Report 2009

Michael and I have just finished and released the first MCI CSR Report. This is the story of MCIs initial steps on the path to sustainability. It highlights the strategy, actions and results of what has been achieved in the first few years of the MCI sustainability journey. There are 2 parts. MCI Corporate Social […]