Politics – the 21st century battleground for Corporate Values

Politics – the 21st century battleground for Corporate Values

The new President of the United States has brought us a few changes already, many bringing dismay to the population and leading to protests across the US, from cities, to airports to most recently- college campuses.  A wave of morose resistance is rising and there is a growing citizen response across America and the globe. Amongst all […]

Sustainability driving innovation in better meetings

Many great things came out of the recent European Sustainable Event Conference in Copenhagen but this great video sums up the key points and delivers some of the  energy from that event. The early adopters have known it for a while but here we have a selection of them on record sharing their expertise and […]

Power of simplicity

Innovation is often best when it’s simple. The following video is a great example of how a strong sustainability program forces an organization to reconsider conventional ways of working and rethink to improve the environmental, social and economic impact of its action. The case is in hand is with the London Olympics. Here David Stubbs, […]