Horsemeat and the events industry

There is much soul-searching in the UK and now the wider European Union after the discovery of horsemeat in a large number of beef products.  Discovered in both lower quality products and supermarket chains right up to the more costly and reputable options, the story is rapidly evolving across the F&B and retail industries. Although […]

Deloitte 2015 Sustainability Report

In the recent whitepaper Hospitality 2015, Deloitte paint an interesting picture of how rising populations, resource shortage, pricing increases and consumer demand will effect the hospitality industry. And how sustainability needs to be embedded rather than added on. The sustainability section makes for some good reading: You can read it here: deloite_2015_sustainability.pdf

Mandatory Reporting on Sustainability

I am at the World Business Summit on Climate Change, which we are helping to organize in Copenhagen as a feed in event to COP15. The event features over 800 CEOs of industry and major climate change experts. As a recommendation to be submitted to the UN at COP15, industry is asking that Carbon reporting […]

All that’s growing is not green: thoughts on menu planning

First, I offer salute to all organic farmers. That said, (insert wince) organic should not be the last word in green menu planning. And, while I’m at it, local isn’t either. How about a menu plan that balances a collection of important factors to find the best sustainable result for the event in question? How […]

Green Hospitality and Real Estate Whitepaper

Ernst and Young have just released a fairly good report called Hospitality going green. It reports on how the ‘green’ movement has affected the hospitality industry, and what the lodging sector has done to incorporate sustainable elements into their business models Its well written and gives a good introduction for someone who wants a wide […]