Top tips for communicating sustainability

Much has been written and, it seems, much has been ignored in the area of sustainability communications. While it’s important to share your company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility it’s equally important to know how to state your claims. Here we share our top ten tips, developed and learned from our work at MCI Sustainability […]

A bit about eco labels

 So many labels, so much confusion It’s a jungle out there.  There are over 400 labels known worldwide. (For a review of each of these labels, see the Eco Label Index site)  Many people comment that with so many labels, it’s hard to know what is ‘good’.  Yet, certifications can provide real value to meetings […]

Social Responsibility FAIL: can we do better?

Two international retailers, H&M and Wal-Mart, just got a pie in the face of their (stated?) strong Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Today’s news from the New York Times revealed that bags and bags and bags of unsold, post-holiday clothing stock was destroyed before being discarded, ostensibly to prevent it from being re-sold.  A saavy business […]

Remember: Greenwashing is ’Sly’, not cool

In spite of a the litany of columns, reports and studies on the topic of Greenwashing, (, it seems that confusion ensues, resulting in more unsubstantiated claims which only serve to make the market more jaded and fussy with those that make them. I think the causes can often be traced to over-enthusiastic marketing teams […]