Are “Green Meetings” hurting sustainable fisheries?

‘We have met the enemy and he is us‘   Pogo Hotels, conference centers, caterers and wholesale vendors across the globe routinely offer non-sustainable fish choices in response to real or perceived client demand.  Should they? Meeting planner and supplier polls show expanding interest in  ‘green meetings’. Meanwhile, perhaps in the name of tradition and/or good […]

A sustainable network makes us stronger: GMIC

The Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC) has been the most effective force for change in the meetings industry movement to find and integrate more responsible practices.  A wellspring of ideas, resources and friendships for the rapidly expanding network of committed business professionals who have discovered it, the GMIC is like no other meetings industry association.  […]

Social Responsibility FAIL: can we do better?

Two international retailers, H&M and Wal-Mart, just got a pie in the face of their (stated?) strong Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Today’s news from the New York Times revealed that bags and bags and bags of unsold, post-holiday clothing stock was destroyed before being discarded, ostensibly to prevent it from being re-sold.  A saavy business […]

Looking for Sustainable Meeting Standards

Further to an early presentation given at Green Meetings Germany, the attached document provides a short and sweet summary about  developing Sustainable Meetings standards. Driven by industry professionals seeking clear, uniform definitions of a sustainable event or green meeting, two separate and unique voluntary processes are available to meeting planners, organizers and industry suppliers: BS8901 […]

Marketing sustainable destinations

In continuation to last post, in Mexico i gave a second keynote at the National Tourism Congress about Creating and marketing sustainable destinations. In the attached presentation I talk about Risk and opportunities presented to Smart destinations around the “sustainability revolutions” Provide some examples of destinations who are leading the market Provide a framework that […]

GMIC launches the Trash Challenge

If you concerned like we are about the amount of trash created and recycled at events then you may be interested to join the GMIC Trash challenge. The Million Tons of Trash Challenge was conceived by leaders and members of the Green Meetings Industry Council during the 2009 Action=Sustainability Conference.  The purpose of the […]

GMIC – Staggering Green Growth

I am at the GMIC Conferance in Pittsburgh. Its mindblowing the feeling of positivity and energy here, when all around in our industry people are negative (not suprisingly) Yesterday at the board meeting we announced that membership growth had surged by 235% since our brand relaunch in September, with suporting business sponsorship rising by 340%. […]