Reflection on 2016 & Sustainability

Reflection on 2016 & Sustainability

2016. An interesting year in a multitude of ways, many will look back on a tumultuous political landscape, from the shock of Brexit in Europe through to a hard fought US election and a shifting growingly insular outlook in many more countries. Fear not, a whole generation of humankind such as ours has never had […]

A Good Day for Sustainable Hotels

We all have good days and bad days, it’s a fact of life- Friday last week, fortunately was a great day, a re-invigorating day that reassured me that Singapore has some superb examples of a solid approach to sustainability in the hotel sector . At the frontline of meeting and events Guy and I work […]

Sustainability driving innovation in better meetings

Many great things came out of the recent European Sustainable Event Conference in Copenhagen but this great video sums up the key points and delivers some of the  energy from that event. The early adopters have known it for a while but here we have a selection of them on record sharing their expertise and […]

Embedding Sustainability into Copenhagen Meetings Industry

Recorded at EIBTM, Michael Luehrs interviews Steen Jakobsen, Director of Conventions at Wonderful Copenhagen. Steen talks about how Copenhagen has embraced sustainability and embedded it into the meetings product and culture of the MICE industry.  Steen shares the approach – called the Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol (designed by us), and how leadership, stakeholder engagement and […]

Sustainable Events: On strength & Connectedness

Organisations=Organisms Within any organisation, individual department-based process are interrelated and interdependent. Random example: The person working reception at a hotel, if they are to be productive and enthusiastic, relies on the successful observation of effective processes in the restaurant.  Poor systems will result in poor service and, eventually, problems for anybody involved in guest service. […]

The Natural Step for the Meetings Industry’s Sustainability Transformation

Michael and I often use the the Natural Step as a systematic approach to Sustainability. In this post my friend and GMIC board member Jan Peter Bergkvist wrote a nice article  which I think is worth sharing. It builds on our earlier article. Many companies, event organizations and associations are currently concerned primarily with the global […]

Green and Sustainable events: can 2011 be a ‘corner turner’?

The many ‘2010, a year in review’ lists (random example here) prompt consideration of what meeting industry trends might indicate, if anything, for 2011.  2010 saw many high water marks in the pursuit of greater sustainable event performance which, in list form, might look like this: 10.  The app.  Rapid uptake of smart phones and […]

Do you have principles for sustainability?

There are hundreds of definitions of sustainability, and many people agree and disagree on what should be included. At the GMIC we follow the “Natural Step” Principles that define 4 conditions for developing sustainability.  These were develop by an international network of scientists who have unanimously and publically concluded that human society is damaging nature and […]

Green Meeting Seminar Estoril – Presentations

Yesterday I was privileged to be in Estoril, Portugal and to be organising a seminar program about sustainable events. The days previous to the event I was participating in a workshop to co-develop the GRI Reporting guidelines for the event sector. My fellow participants are some of the best brains in event sustainability from around […]

Leadership: Grab the bull by the horns

Grabing the bull by the horns This week I have had the pleasure of working in Andalusia in the South of Spain. I had not been to Sevilla for some years and I was struck by how this beautiful  city had invested in pedestrianizing the center, installing a new hi-tech tramway and a public biking […]