Stand together against corruption

Stand together against corruption

Today is International Anti-Corruption day. Corruption is a global phenomenon that strikes hardest at the poor, hinders inclusive economic growth and robs essential services of badly needed funds. From cradle to grave, millions are touched by corruption’s shadow. Corruption is one of the most serious challenges of our time. Nearly all of us are victims […]

Paper Smart in Rio

The meetings industry is a huge creator of waste. The average meeting attendee is estimate to produce over 8kg of waste, and that can be significantly more at large Events.  At COP15 we measured the waste footprint to be 3 tons per person! Thankfully we all are learning and I am very happy to see […]

A New Era of Sustainability: UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study

Released at the UNGC summit today is an excellent survey prepared by Accenture who questioned 766 CEOs and found out: · In spite of the recent economic downturn, an overwhelming majority of corporate CEOs – 93 percent – say that sustainability will be critical to the future success of their companies. · Furthermore, CEOs believe […]

Building a New Era of Sustainability

I am in New York with MCI President Roger Tondeur for the 2010 United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit. This is a big day for me, as it see the realization of a dream. In 2007 under the recommendation of Mike Wallace (now director of the G3 framework at GRI), we signed a letter of […]

How associations can integrate sustainability to deliver enhanced member value

Business case for sustainability Through our consulting work with the UN Global Compact and with various trade associations, I have come to realize that there is a massive business opportunities for Associations. Associations can lead the charge towards a low carbon, more sustainable and responsible economy. The following presentation I gave this week at the […]

Mandatory Reporting on Sustainability

I am at the World Business Summit on Climate Change, which we are helping to organize in Copenhagen as a feed in event to COP15. The event features over 800 CEOs of industry and major climate change experts. As a recommendation to be submitted to the UN at COP15, industry is asking that Carbon reporting […]

Future employees demand change.

Participating at the World Business Summit on Climate Change in conversations with the CEOs of Pepsico, Unilever, WPP, etc I was stuck by how they clearly recognised the need of having a leadership CSR strategy for their business. One of their key reasons was the need to attract, retain and manage talent.(you can watch this […]

Raising the Bar on CSR Performance

Last week I had the honor and the pleasure of speaking at the IAPCO general meeting. IAPCO (International Association of Professional Congress Organisers) is a non-profit organisation that represents professional organisers and managers of international and national congresses, conventions and special events. Following their objective of “raising standards of service and providing continuing education to […]

CSR 2.0: New Era of Responsibility

Speaking in Lisbon yesterday yet again I was asked the same two questions: How will CSR fair in the economic crisis? With all the current financial concerns wont CSR be at the top of the list of cost costing exercises? Perhaps. It certainly was for some of the large banks who in the last few […]