Politics – the 21st century battleground for Corporate Values

Politics – the 21st century battleground for Corporate Values

The new President of the United States has brought us a few changes already, many bringing dismay to the population and leading to protests across the US, from cities, to airports to most recently- college campuses.  A wave of morose resistance is rising and there is a growing citizen response across America and the globe. Amongst all […]

China – The Eco Destination of the Future?

China – The Eco Destination of the Future?

You may think we are being provocative but we like to think we’ve got a pretty nifty crystal ball here and there’s some exciting developments bubbling in China. The government has been focusing on soft power and investing more money in science & green tech industry  than any other nation these past years. It’s clear to […]

Bearing Responsibility – Events and the Community

Community Projects have been a part and parcel of events for decades – that will never change. What will change is the sophistication of the various projects. Gone are the days when guests happily gather around a solitary tree planting ceremony, participating only through rapturous applause. Increasing awareness of wider sustainability issues and activism are […]

Vulnerability of air travel and its effect on the meetings industry.

Today at the GMIC Conference in Portland Oregon, I led a fascinating panel about the business dimension of sustainability. It focused on how macro trends and issues will affect the meetings industry. One of the panellist was Dr Ian Lee, an expert on the aviation industry from the Sprott School of Business . In the dialog […]

Business leaders call for clear climate policies

I am at the World Business Summit on Climate Change and with a little help from Reuters would like to share some views from the UN secretary General Industry should play its part in the fight against climate change by persuading governments to aid carbon cuts rather than lobbying against them, the U.N. Secretary-General told […]

Seeing the Bigger Picture?

In the first of our guest contributions, Hugo Kimber, CEO of the Carbon Consultancy gives us an external view to sustainability in the meetings industry, and how this is indeed more important in these tough economic times. Seeing the Bigger Picture? The meetings and events industry comprises some of the hottest global talent in communications […]

GMIC – Staggering Green Growth

I am at the GMIC Conferance in Pittsburgh. Its mindblowing the feeling of positivity and energy here, when all around in our industry people are negative (not suprisingly) Yesterday at the board meeting we announced that membership growth had surged by 235% since our brand relaunch in September, with suporting business sponsorship rising by 340%. […]

CSR 2.0: New Era of Responsibility

Speaking in Lisbon yesterday yet again I was asked the same two questions: How will CSR fair in the economic crisis? With all the current financial concerns wont CSR be at the top of the list of cost costing exercises? Perhaps. It certainly was for some of the large banks who in the last few […]

The Business case for Sustainability in tough times

Following on my Michaels post earlier, I wanted to attached a presentation that we created to really define the business case for sustainability in the meetings industry. The presentation details the opportunities and costs benefits using a whole list of research data collected by us and many of the global top publications and consulting organisations. […]

Karl Marx predicted it all

I was sent this today, and I think Karl Marx perfectly summarizes whats going on around the world. Its amazing that he wrote this in 1867. “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until […]