COP15 Event Sustainability Case Study

I am in New York where we are organising the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit . As a prelude I prepared a case study of how the Danish Government implemented a more sustainable COP15 climate conference.

Sustainable Meetings, Copenhagen style

COP15 was a transformative event for those closest to it, the organizers and the host city, Copenhagen.  The largest political event to ever happen in Denmark, COP15 brought unique challenges and opportunities. The story of how they worked together to deliver the first United Nations event to ever achieve BS8901 sustainable event management criteria is […]

COP15 carbon footprint report

Integrated into the COP15 event sustainability report was an excellent study of local carbon emissions conducted by the Copenhagen office of Deloitte. COP15 Carbon Footprint Deloitte 2010.pdf With lessons learned from the carbon footprint measurement of COP15, Deloitte is providing a list of recommendations for successful carbon footprint measurements for future COP meetings. 1. Establish […]

Sustainable events: Examples & Strategy

When it comes to sustainable events, most professional meetings planners understand the ’why’ but not the ’how’. An intrepid few invest time and effort to piece together different tactics in support of a more responsible event, but rarely does the approach have any strategic plan. Rarer still are the events which produce a thoughtful report […]

The meetings industry is a paper tiger

Oddly, as technological innovations have advanced, and use of handheld communication devices expanded, so has the production of paper and consumption of trees.  In 1961, world production of paper and paperboard stood at 77 million tons.  In 2005,  354 million tons (more here). Meanwhile,  recycling of paper and paperboard in industrialized nations is consistently less […]

Carbon neutral? Why not ‘Climate responsible’?

Soon, the British Standards Institute will release a standard on ‘Carbon Neutral’ events.  That is, if your event does not follow and document key processes outlined in the standard, it cannot be deemed ‘carbon neutral’. The pursuit of a standard which requires a commitment to reduced emissions is appropriate, but the Carbon Neutral “brand” needs […]

Sustainability and Reputational Risk Management

Perception and Risk Management For the last 2 weeks COP15 has been in the newspapers, prime time tv and on the radio. But I am not talking about the political leaders; I am talking about our client Jan-Christian Napierski – the head of sustainability for COP15. The multi-lingual diplomat, has become a superstar in the […]

Joining the praying masses

I am not a very religious man but i find myself praying that our illustrious leaders can reach deep into their souls and empower their negotiators to find the right text for an agreement. It wont be perfect but lets all hope that they agree at something that can propell the transformation that we need. […]

Sust-Daneable even in the snow

Copenhagen Bike Capital of the World As you probably have read, over 37% of the Danes use the bicycle daily. The mayor’s goal is 50% and you can see his plan here. You could understand these fantastic figures in a country with a warm climate – but look at the pictures. Its snowing – cold […]

Accreditation – what went wrong and right?

So you have seen and heard on TV about the chaos of people trying to get into to COP15, but really what are the issues? Context Registration or Accreditation is managed by the UNFCCC Secretariat directly. The Danish Government nor the Bella center nor MCI were involved in this process The event was planned for […]