Deloitte 2015 Sustainability Report

In the recent whitepaper Hospitality 2015, Deloitte paint an interesting picture of how rising populations, resource shortage, pricing increases and consumer demand will effect the hospitality industry. And how sustainability needs to be embedded rather than added on. The sustainability section makes for some good reading: You can read it here: deloite_2015_sustainability.pdf

COP15 Event Sustainability Case Study

I am in New York where we are organising the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit . As a prelude I prepared a case study of how the Danish Government implemented a more sustainable COP15 climate conference.

Sustainable Event Management Trends

This week I was presenting at an ICCA conference on sustainability in the meetings industry. In the presentation I approach the following key questions: •Is Sustainability a trend or short term fad? •Is it more expensive to be sustainable ? •Do clients really want sustainable venues, agencies and providers? •What are the trends and developments […]

A sustainable network makes us stronger: GMIC

The Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC) has been the most effective force for change in the meetings industry movement to find and integrate more responsible practices.  A wellspring of ideas, resources and friendships for the rapidly expanding network of committed business professionals who have discovered it, the GMIC is like no other meetings industry association.  […]

CSR in business: practical guide

In starting this blog it was our hope to share practical examples of sustainability in practice in organizations, especially the meetings industry.  While other topics sometimes stir our passions, the intent is still to shine a light on ways to improve your business for triple bottom line benefit Corporate Social Responsibility is, of course, a […]

BS8901: not what you think

Unless, that is, you already knew that it’s a package of time honored, business management processes which can apply to almost any business.   There are many things the  standard is not: it’s not a checklist to create a ‘green meeting’ it’s not a stamp of approval for your event not just about environmental stewardship (‘green’) […]

Transparency – Engagement – Networks

I recently had the opportunity to meet with some of the senior staff at Saatchi and Saatchi S – their sustainability consulting organisation. Their CEO Adam Werbach has just release a great book called “Strategy for sustainability”. Here is a short interview on the Harvard Business channel that summarise his three key concepts to Sustainability […]

Sustainability trends in the meetings industry

Over the last few weeks quiet a few people have asked me what they think will be the key sustainability trends in 2010. So for a keynote presentation today at MICE Travel Fair in Amsterdam, I made my first attempt at summarising some of the key aspects of change that will progressively transform the meetings […]

Singapore, CSR is calling.. are you there?

The Singapore Compact is calling the community of regional business leaders.  As the national society with an aim to bring the CSR movement forward in Singapore The Singapore Compact for CSR is waiting for an answer.  They are calling business leaders to their most recent educational conference which will bring influential speakers and relevant content […]

Marketing sustainable destinations

In continuation to last post, in Mexico i gave a second keynote at the National Tourism Congress about Creating and marketing sustainable destinations. In the attached presentation I talk about Risk and opportunities presented to Smart destinations around the “sustainability revolutions” Provide some examples of destinations who are leading the market Provide a framework that […]