From 0 to 100: Its time to Re-Energize

From 0 to 100: Its time to Re-Energize

Across the globe — in regions, cities, communities, businesses, and individual lives — people are proving that 100% renewable energy is not a fantasy, but a reality today. But what about the meetings and events industry? And what about convention, congress and exhibition centers? Its time that us “clients” started requesting. lobbying and selecting venues […]

Don’t be bananas – cut the waste

Don’t be bananas – cut the waste

It is world food day and so I decided to make a little post about something that I really love and something I really hate. I love food and hate waste. Approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. In the events industry we have calculated that over 50% is […]

IMEX-GMIC Green Meeting Award 2014

IMEX-GMIC Green Meeting Award 2014

During the IMEX Gala Dinner in Frankfurt, we were really proud to have received the prestigious IMEX-GMIC Green Meeting Award 2014 for our work with Global Initiatives on the 2013 Responsible Business Forum. Held in Singapore at leading sustainable event venue Marina Bay Sands, the Responsible Business Forum brought together over 430 industry leaders, NGOs […]

Horsemeat and the events industry

There is much soul-searching in the UK and now the wider European Union after the discovery of horsemeat in a large number of beef products.  Discovered in both lower quality products and supermarket chains right up to the more costly and reputable options, the story is rapidly evolving across the F&B and retail industries. Although […]

A Good Day for Sustainable Hotels

We all have good days and bad days, it’s a fact of life- Friday last week, fortunately was a great day, a re-invigorating day that reassured me that Singapore has some superb examples of a solid approach to sustainability in the hotel sector . At the frontline of meeting and events Guy and I work […]

A bit about eco labels

 So many labels, so much confusion It’s a jungle out there.  There are over 400 labels known worldwide. (For a review of each of these labels, see the Eco Label Index site)  Many people comment that with so many labels, it’s hard to know what is ‘good’.  Yet, certifications can provide real value to meetings […]

Resolved: Quality and Sustainability standards should align

When well-meaning ‘green meeting’ planners ask hotels to commit to sustainable practices (e.g. purchasing locally produced food products; providing ‘bulk’ soap/shampoo dispensers in guest rooms, etc) they inadvertently put hotel operators in a perplexing dilemma: Comply with the planner request  or violate brand standards? Brand standards are only part of the picture.  Hotels participating in […]

Deloitte 2015 Sustainability Report

In the recent whitepaper Hospitality 2015, Deloitte paint an interesting picture of how rising populations, resource shortage, pricing increases and consumer demand will effect the hospitality industry. And how sustainability needs to be embedded rather than added on. The sustainability section makes for some good reading: You can read it here: deloite_2015_sustainability.pdf

Simplify messages for sustainable event momentum

A review of any poll on the topic will reveal that meeting planners, suppliers and destinations like very much the idea of sustainable events as a practice and philosophy.  Dig a little deeper and many are challenged where to start.  People understand the ‘why’ of sustainable events, but so often express confusion–or frustration– on the […]

Dealing your sustainable business a better hand

My grandfather spent a chapter of his life as a card dealer in a poker hall.  A maxim he often shared was “Call a spade a spade”. Today, in corporate reporting circles, such an approach is called “Transparency” and it occurred to me as I read this article shared by MeetGreen’s twitter feed.  The rest […]