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This blog is written by Guy Bigwood, with help from a few invited guests. The blog was created to share experiences, opinions, best practices and mistakes from the front line of sustainability and the meetings industry.

Guy Bigwood

MCI Group Sustainability Director

Guy leads Gubi Consulting, a global consulting practice focused on helping organisations to visualise, plan and implement sustainable operations, events and destinations that create value for their customers, employees and the communities in which they serve. He advises the UN, associations, businesses and governments worldwide, and loves working with brands to help them realise the power of events to bring to life their sustainability commitments.

Guy enjoys sharing his experiences, best practices and key learnings from the front line of sustainability. He is a regular speaker and facilitator at sustainability conferences and industry events, and has trained over 34,000 people on sustainability and better business practices. Guy was the Sustainability Director of MCI, past-president of the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC), and was very involved in creating the APEX-ASTM, GRI and ISO20121 standards on event sustainability. He has won 21 awards for his work in sustainability.

A serial entrepreneur with broad experience in creating and running large events and live communications agencies, Guy’s core skills include brand marketing, experiential communication and business strategy consulting. Previously, Guy was Managing Director of MCI Spain, and worked for 12 years in the ITC industry for HP in a variety of consulting roles in the US, UK and France.

About MCI

MCI is the world’s leading provider of strategic engagement and activation solutions and a key driver of innovation in the meetings, events, association and congress industry.

Through creative live experiences and digitisation, globalisation, brand enhancement and content strategies, MCI helps multinational companies and international associations to enhance organisational performance, grow globally, energise communities and drive business results.

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  1. I’ve read some posts and i like your blog.I’m just starting up my own and only hope that i can write as well , thanks!.

  2. I’ve been reading a few posts and i’m adding your blog to my rss reader , thanks !

  1. […] and mistakes from the front line of sustainability and the meetings industry.   It’s called Less Conversation More Action – CSR and sustainability in the meetings […]

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