Reflection on 2016 & Sustainability

2016. An interesting year in a multitude of ways, many will look back on a tumultuous political landscape, from the shock of Brexit in Europe through to a hard fought US election and a shifting growingly insular outlook in many more countries. Fear not, a whole generation of humankind such as ours has never had it so good. If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky ones too, having an opportunity to live a much better life with access to good education, rights and more comfort than most in the developing world.

What will not change in 2017 and anytime in the future is the relentless march of innovation and the progress of technology changing the way we live and work. From the rapidly dropping cost of renewable energy to the growing number of sustainable products on offer. From the growth of efficiency in technology that underpins our life to the ever longer list of companies committed to responsible business – creating a better world and a rising citizen activism.

Fittingly in such a year of upheaval, GMIC the organization I’ve been grateful to lead this past year went through its own transformation in 2016 in the bold hope of having a greater impact in advancing sustainability in the meetings and events industry. Early in the year, GMIC relaunched as part of the Convention Industry Council (CIC). This change allowed the organization to better expand its impact, reaching 100,000 event professionals through their represented bodies.

If you are part of the events industry and believe in creating a better world, I urge you to become a member at

As this year draws to a close, take heart that sustainability is vital for the world and will only grow in importance as more and more evidence of the devastating impact of industry on ecosystems continues to mount and ever increasing fractures in society expose the fallacy of “trickle-down economics”.

People like us are the first line of defence and a critical team in ensuring our industry manages its impact responsibly and takes the lead.  Kudos to each and every one of you for all that you do and give.

Have a great festive break and we’ll see you in 2017, ready to shape the future.



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