5 Mistakes Planners Make when Creating Sustainable Events

For Earth Day and for #csrshareday I wanted to share the 5 frequent mistakes planners make when creating sustainable events.


  1. Sustainability is unidimensional
    It isn’t only about protecting the environment, saving resources or about having a CSR project during your event. Winning sustainability is about creating an integrate strategy for all the economic, environmental and social issues, with short and long term objectives.
  1. Operational burden
    There is an opportunity to transform sustainability from an item on your ‘to do’ list into a catalyst to bring your client’s organisational values to life and to improve the delegate experience. For each client its different: For a medical client this may revolve around wellness and health, which is then complemented by good environmental practice rather than the other way round.
  2. Complain – it’s too expensive
    Still most planners think sustainability is an additional cost, and use this as an excuse to not move ahead. If you start to think of sustainability from the meeting design phase, and include in your supplier selection and event planning – then sustainability can be done for the same and less cost. AND it can drive innovation, brand reputation and employee satisfaction.
  1. Carbon offsetting as a cure-all
    Excessive resources consumption and environment pollution cannot be solely re-balanced by investing in carbon credits. First try to reduce your impacts and then as the final step offset what can’t be reduced. Chose projects that deliver environmental, social and economic benefit for the community.
  1. “Sustainability isn’t important to my client”
    Its no longer acceptable to say that your client does not care. The volume of corporate brands committing to sustainability goals is booming and selection of “sustainable suppliers” is only going to get more robust as the brands approach matures and focus deepens into their supply chain. You need to talk to the personal who is responsible for sustainability at your clients organization.

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