Re-building dreams in Nepal


A team of seven MCI Dreambuilders from our offices in Singapore, Dublin, Melbourne, Amsterdam and HQ were in Nepal this month as part of our long term efforts to improve education within struggling communities.

Thanks to the generous donations of the clients, friends and family of MCI, we have currently raised over €13,000. The donations are being invested in buying materials and labour to construct 4 classrooms at the Shree Baluwa secondary school near the village of Nargakot, about 2 hours outside of Kathmandu. The village was very badly hit by both Earthquakes this year, with the school suffering damage to 100% of the classrooms.

This area received very little aid and now the villages houses lean in ruins, families live under corrugated iron shelters and business continue to struggle. However in typical Nepali form the people continue to offer happy smiles, and at the school continues to function in temporary shelters amidst the ruins of the school.

DSC04545 (3)

We have been supporting this community since 2013, and this year seven of us decided to lend our muscles to support our team of professional builders by brick laying, trench digging and general manual labour. Its rewarding work although our soft office hands and weak backs are not used to so much hard physical workJ

As always the highlight were the children. Their smiles, laughter, songs and interest in the strange foreigners kept us amused and great humour.

At the end of the trip we visited the original school we have been supporting for the last two years. The school was not badly damaged by the earthquake and the classrooms we built and painted look great. The head teacher was really happy to see us. MCI Amsterdam donated a PC to their excellent little computer room.

2015-12-02 16.12.18 (2).jpg

You can see some great Photos and Videos on our facebook site.

These are very tough times in Nepal. Aside from two major earthquakes, the roadblock at the Indian Border is crippling the country. Fuel is very scarce and now food is running out. However the Nepalese keep smilingJ

Thanks to all our generous donors for their generosity and support. Out here – ever €1 makes a difference. It allows us to buy extra bricks, a bag of cement, or some sand. There is much work to be done and only with generous donations can we help get the kids protected before the real cold arrives. If you the Christmas Spirit touches you – the donation line is open until the end of the month.

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