A Beginners Guide to Sustainable Events

Earlier this week MCI’s very own experts on sustainable events, Guy Bigwood and Roger Simons, were invited to speak about Sustainability and it’s role as a driver of innovation in the events world during the Malaysia Business Events Week (MBEW) 2015 – an annual gathering of Malaysia’s business events industry and its stakeholders to learn, debate, explore business opportunities,  and innovate.

My own opinion (though slightly biased – being part of MCI’s Sustainability Services Team myself) is that the sessions were able to address both the macro and micro level challenges and opportunities around sustainability and it’s relevance to the events world. Guy and Roger talked about sustainability trends, their relevance to the industry, and – possibly most importantly – how to not only deliver more sustainable, but better, events.

But, again, that’s my opinion.

To form your own, please feel free to have a look at the links to the slides they presented at MBEW2015 below and let us know what you think! And for an overview and palette teaser, there’s always the beautiful graphics drawn out by http://www.sketchpoststudio.com to help you out!


Plenary: “Designing a Sustainable Future”

Driving innovation, building trust, empowering performance. How brands and destinations are transforming through sustainability.

Designing A Sustainable Future MBEW














Workshop: “Sustainable Business Strategy”

Where and How to start a Sustainability Program in the Business Events Industry?

Sustainable Business Strategy MBEW













Workshop: “Sustainable Events”

Best practices in developing and executing sustainable events.

Sustainable Events MBEW

Sustainable Events












The writer is Pranav Sethaputra. Pranav is a Sustainability Consultant with leading global provider of engagement and activation solutions, MCI. Feel free to contact him @PranavSTH or pranav.sethaputra@mci-group.com


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