Events as a bridge to better brands- The Evidence

We have been asked on more than one occasion (can you imagine!), does running a sustainable event have any real benefits?

Well to put it bluntly, yes.

Not only can incorporating sustainability into an event’s operation and planning promote environmental innovation and social benefits (by providing jobs, creating better working conditions and promoting creative solutions to help us use resources more efficiently), it also has the potential to increase the financial viability of the event and enhance brand reputation.

In essence, once organisations understand that a sustainable event is a bridge to better brands it will become an integral part of the marketing mix, utilized to better engage customers, employees & stakeholders.

So what’s happening in the event’s world now?Low_Res_Product_Launch

Actually quite a lot.

A small yet passionate group of folks have been trying to transform the industry – most formally gathered under the auspices of the “Green Meeting Industry Council”, if you haven’t come across them- check out

MCI Group just released our 2014 Sustainability Report: Building Possibilities, and we are incredibly proud of what we have both found and achieved supporting our clients and teams across the world.

Our report highlights that we have actually witnessed a startling transition in the procurement process of fortune 500 brands.  In 2011 only 25% of MCIs clients asked their suppliers to comply with a sustainability policy and evaluate it – a figure which rose to 51% in 2013 and an impressive 68% in 2014.

What does this mean? Brands are increasingly seeing events and their accompanying supply chain as an important component and tangible demonstration of a brands sustainability commitment – and that is a very good thing.

MCI’s Chief Executive Officer, Sébastien Tondeur, states “With the evolution of MCI, I am excited to see a developing greater purpose in our work. We are bringing people together to build communities, and these communities are building new possibilities for our planet, for its people, and local and global markets.“

To learn more about and discover the evidence, MCI’s 2014 Sustainability Report: Building Possibilities can be accessed at
The report highlights the following key achievements in 2014:

  • Clients: MCI organised 107 events about sustainability and energy issues. The company also delivered 25 sustainability consulting projects for corporate and institutional clients including Engineers Australia, Symantec, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau and Las Vegas Sands Corporation.
  • Community: MCI talents volunteered a total number of 5,409 hours, raising over €284,790 and supporting 68 charity projects around the globe.
  • Ethics: MCI’s Sustainability, HR and Finance teams developed a new MCI Ethics Programme to promote transparency, good governance and ethical business in the industry.
  • Talent: MCI’s learning and development institute delivered over 11,000 hours of training, a 3% increase over 2013.
  • Supplier Chain: 100% of MCI’s preferred global suppliers and 33% of the company’s entire supply chain are compliant

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