2014 MCI Sustainability Awards

Annually since 2007, we run an internal Sustainability Awards program to recognises MCI’s most outstanding employee-driven initiatives and sustainable offices. Our offices are invited to submit an application and a team of judges assess their sustainability performance based on the pillars of governance, office operations, event operations, community action and sales. Offices that demonstrate outstanding creativity and innovation are awarded additional “X-factor” points.

This year for the first time in it’s history  the MCI Sustainability Awards have been clinched by two of MCI’s Asian offices, with MCI India winning the Leadership in Sustainability Award and MCI China emerging as the winners of the Innovation in Sustainability Award.

MCI India wins Leadership in Sustainability Award

IndiaMCI India emerged as the clear winner for the 2014 MCI Leadership in Sustainability Award, demonstrating exceptional commitment and enthusiasm in integrating sustainability across its four offices. With clear support from the MCI talent and local management, the sustainability team have created and implemented a holistic sustainability approach across all aspects of its operations and business development, resulting in:

  • Over 565 hours dedicated towards community service activities
  • The offices supported 25 different community projects across India
  • Seven client events featuring strategic sustainable event planning, including the Asia Pacific Regional Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International and the Asia Pacific Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.
  • The cleaning and transformation of public areas as part of a citizen initiative called The Ugly Indian
  • The organisation of a blood donation drive, donating enough blood to save 260 lives

MCI China wins the Innovation in Sustainability Award

MCI China Sustainability LogoMCI China was recognised for its unique approach to sustainability, focusing on cross department collaboration, a strong identity and injecting fun into everything they do. Their creativity was evident in the approach to their initiatives, featuring a unique logo for all their activities – a bee brand. In Mandarin, “bee” has the same pronunciation as “Pioneer”, and the logo featured colours to symbolise the sea & earth.

Although sustainable business practices are not a given in China, the office has demonstrated that the MCI spirit can inspire regardless of geo-political location.

The following presentation is a summary of MCI China and MCI India’s award applications:

Part of our culture

When I was reviewing the applications with the judges and with our CEO Sébastien Tondeur,  we remarked how proud we felt to see how sustainability has become a part of MCI’s core identity and how year after year the applications for the award continue to get stronger and even more impressive. Well done to the winners, but also to all the other brilliant teams who applied for the award.

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