Engineers Australia Convention 2014 a Huge Success!

“Engineering is a man’s field”

Well, not anymore! The common “nerd” stereotype that has been on-going since the dawn of time will soon face its annihilation all thanks to Engineers Australia Convention 2014. Now, comes the new age and evolution of the engineering industry filled with potential treasure-trove of minds from diverse range of genders, races, and socioeconomically backgrounds.

HoMCECsted by Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center (MCEC), the largest engineering event in the southern hemisphere attracted thought leaders, experts and specialists from all areas of the engineering profession. Throughout the 5 days, there were a myriad of opportunities to share megatrends and thought leadership, network with prestige speakers like Cadel Evans, and gain empowerment of knowledge for personal and professional mastery.

There were also tailored programs catered to underrepresented groups such as the “Young Engineers Australia” networking event as well as the “Women in Engineering” event to counter the age old belief that engineering is a “no women allowed” territory. A definite fun, exciting and engaging showcase of activities for everyone.

What’s more interesting are the innovative initiatives that Convention 2014 have implemented to engage, act, measure, communicate and improve their sustainability commitment. For example, lanyards were made from recycled PET bottles, Nespresso coffee pods were recycled, surplus food was donated to charity organizations and many more. Hats off to the team for making such a diverse event a truly sustainable one!

All in all, Engineers Australia Convention 2014 was a smashing success due to the contribution of countless hours of hard work over the 4-months planning process by the team. Their dedication undoubtedly ensured the delivery of positive actions pre, during and post Convention 2014.

For future events, the team might even rope in electrical engineers.


“Because electrical engineers deal with current events and they do it with less resistance.”

Very funny. That’s a little “nerdy” humor for you.

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