Managing performance sustainably at London 2012 – through ISO20121

To function any business or event requires a management system. The new ISO20121 standard specifies what is required for a well-functioning sustainable event management system. One that considers and includes approaches to manage the performance of social, environmental and economic aspects.

We were involved with the development of ISO20121 and have been pioneers at implementing it. We supported the 2012 Danish Presidency of the EU to become one of the first (I think first) organizations to achieve third party certification.

Here in the second of a series of mini-interviews David Stubbs, head of sustainability for the London 2012 Olympics and ParaOlympics shares his views on why you should have a management system. In his word – “if you don’t have a management system you don’t know really what your doing”. His opinion (and ours) is that a management system is critical if you really want to achieve any of your sustainability objectives in a structured, meaningful and economically viable way.

The London Olympics realized that they needed an event management system but one was not available. So they integrated the creation of a standards as part of their Olympic bid. When they won the bid, LOCOG collaborated with BSI (British Standards Institute) to  create BS8901 which then morphed into ISO20121 – a standard we love and cherish:) . Here from David Stubbs – head of sustainability of London 2012, as he explains that journey that resulted in Locog achieving ISO20121 certification.



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