PCMA: Partners in sustainable event education

Dateline San Diego, PCMA Convening Leaders conference

The cup runneth over. Not since GMICs Sustainable Events conference has so much high quality, relevant educational content been available to the events professional. The Professional Conference Managers Association (PCMA) has worked hard to feature relevant and timely sessions to help planners understand sustainability as smart business.

Education Needed
Loved and respected educator and expert Sue Tinnish quoted a recent survey which revealed that 4 in 10 planners are unfamiliar with the topic of sustainability. If the industry is to stay viable and if planners and suppliers are to meet business objectives, professional education is going to be the key. PCMA sessions included topics on writing policy (MeetGreen’s Amy Spatrisano), marketing and communication (the aforementioned Sue Tinnish) and engaging stakeholders (Wonderful Copenhagen’s Steen Jakobsen and I), among others all offered example and ‘get started’ tips as well as deeper thinking on more advanced application of sustainable event management.

The strong turnout (4000 attendees) at Convening Leaders has much to do with the quality of the educational content. PCMA, like Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC), are important partners in the transition to creating a sustainable meetings industry. Smarter, more profitable, more innovative, more effective meetings require different thinking, concrete examples and a sharing of best practices. Industry events like these may represent the best method to improve skills and gain access to education and collaborations.

Partners are more than providers of services. Partners share in our concerns and our successes. They understand out needs and feel compelled to support us. Partners are integral to our success. In providing great, timely, practical educational content, PCMA earns the ‘partner’ title.

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