Collaboration equals transformation: The GMIC as change agent

We’re reporting live from the Sustainable Meetings Conference, the annual event of the Green Meetings Industry Council in Portland, Oregon where leaders from across the meetings and events industry are applying game theory to engage participants in learning intended to transform the industry..

Key messages shared  include:

  • Collaboration (between suppliers, planners, destination management organizations and industry associations must co-create solutions for more sustainable events.
  • Setting objectives to reinforce the desired outcome .. from the first moment. Event design should reinforce and reflect the business goals and business culture.
  • Leverage the power of storytelling to engage stakeholders.  Align messaging with sustainable culture of your organization. Know who you are, build on that unique organizational personality.
  • Supply Chain solutions: For businesses who struggle to to show value of ‘greening’ the supply chain, show Return on Investment (ROI) by identifying the external and environmental costs of the products you currently purchase and compare that to the relative benefits of more sustainable products.
  • The Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) created by The Natural Step and its founder Dr. Kalle Robert is required to avoid the pitfalls of organizational / political barriers to the creation of true sustainability

A showcase of sustainable event practice, the  The Green Meeting Industry Council’s and it’s 2011 Sustainable Meetings Conference is a game changer for the meetings industry. The GMIC proved itself as an industry change agent for the sucessful assembly of world leading thinkers in sustainable development and sustainable event management,  the amazing ‘game theory’ event design and the integration of a high energy community action provided real value to members and attendees.

If you were there, we’d love to hear what you found most compelling about the conference!

Live streaming of event content (accessible for free online), and usage of technology  to advance the educational content (teams had iPads to capture input to real life case studies for which they earned points for applying learnings from the conference).

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