Building a New Era of Sustainability

I am in New York with MCI President Roger Tondeur for the 2010 United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit. This is a big day for me, as it see the realization of a dream. In 2007 under the recommendation of Mike Wallace (now director of the G3 framework at GRI), we signed a letter of commitment and became a signatory of the Global Compact. Our journey since then has seen MCI work to incorporate the 10 global compact principles into the day to day operations of MCI. Now 3 years have passed and Sustainability is one of the key pillars of MCIs business plan, and this commitment is demonstrated with the investment, energy and time dedicated to sustainability by the MCI management team. As a result of this journey, MCI has become increasingly involved in the organization of events about sustainability. We organized the COP15 Climate Conference, 3 regional Global Compact meetings, the GRI conference, the world business summit on climate change, and now the big one – The Global Compact 2010 Leaders Summit.

By participating at the summit Roger and I are coming to network with other members, seek opportunities for collaboration and to learn from other organizations best practices. As Roger said to me today, “I know sustainability is important, but we have to get much more knowledgeable about the subject and how we integrate it into MCIs future”

It’s great to see that real progress is being made globally, and that the movement toward a more sustainable economy and business context is clearly gaining momentum. Its even more rewarding to see that by integrating sustainability into our business strategy, MCI has developed the skills and content knowledge that can help organizations such as the Global Compact strategically improve in the deliver of their messaging, and their ability to engage and inspire their members to go the next level in developing value for their businesses.

You can follow the UNGC Summit on Live Webcast:

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