Sustainable Meetings, Copenhagen style

COP15 was a transformative event for those closest to it, the organizers and the host city, Copenhagen.  The largest political event to ever happen in Denmark, COP15 brought unique challenges and opportunities. The story of how they worked together to deliver the first United Nations event to ever achieve BS8901 sustainable event management criteria is remarkable and a noteworthy case study for any city.

The strategy and stakeholder engagement approaches they developed were so successful, they’ve been captured in two very special reports: The COP15 Sustainable Event Report and, it’s corollary document focused on high level strategy, The Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol (CSMP). These reports represent the latest, leading example of just how far the meetings industry has come on the journey to more sustainable events.

Webinar Launch!

In honor of Earth Day, the Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Coalition will officially launch the two reports. In addition, a free webinar (register here) administered by the team that organized COP15 and the Copenhagen city preparations, will provide background and greater detail to sustainable event management strategy as outlined in the CSMP.

Download your copy of the reports here:

Truly a group effort from the entire coalition team, Guy and I are both proud to have participated in this project as authors of both reports. Please share with us your thoughts and ideas for getting these strategies into action throughout the industry.


  1. Mårten Lind says:

    Great effort Michael and Guy. I have browsed through the reports and see straight away that I have a lot to learn. You two are inspiring and COP15 as well being the first BS8901-certified event ever, even though the final outcome was a bit disappointing.

    • Michael Luehrs says:

      That’s generous praise, Mårten, thank you for that. One point of clarification: COP15 was the first United Nations sponsored event to successfully seek event management system certification under the BS8901 standard and was not the first industry event. BS8901 has been the selected management process for a number of events, but this was the first time in Denmark and the first time for such a high profile, multi-national political event. Thanks for all your valuable efforts and we look forward to working with you again. Vi hörs!

      • Thanks for all your effort for the event industry as pioneers in this matter to inspire the world to consciousness. So agree with Mårten Lind above! Thanks also for the invite to the webinar!

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