CSR in business: practical guide

In starting this blog it was our hope to share practical examples of sustainability in practice in organizations, especially the meetings industry.  While other topics sometimes stir our passions, the intent is still to shine a light on ways to improve your business for triple bottom line benefit

Corporate Social Responsibility is, of course, a very broad term referring to a highly complex array of philosophies and systems.   Often,  these complexities serve as barriers to any meaningful action.

So, in the spirit of providing practical, meaningful example, I offer as a resource a great book just out from JP Bergqvist.  JP, formerly the engine and guide behind Scandic Hotels path to sustainable practices, now leads Sleepwell sustainable business advisors.

Designed for busy professionals, the book is a fast guide rich with clear example.  Written in plain language,  as though from a trusted colleague, it’s an ideal guide for the CEO as well as the leader of the office ‘green team’.

Order the book at JP’s website by contacting him directly.  (Note:  We’re fans and friends of JP but receive no financial compensation for any book sold.  JP shares a portion of the proceeds with his chosen charities, however, so please buy several and let us know what you think! Do you have recommendations for other practical guides you’d like to share?  Please let us know!)

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  1. Sounds great, will have to check this out!
    I’ve done presentations on CSR and Small Business with some practical insight for a smaller business and how they must be very strategic with their CSR initiatives. Feel free to access here:

    You can also find resources mentioned at:

    Please enjoy and share 🙂
    Midori Connolly, Chief AVGirl
    Pulse Staging and Events, Inc.

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