Live from Copenhagen-COP15

It is an awesome feeling to be at COP15. The energy in the building is electrifying. It is like being at a large soccer game – with that internal buzz or adrenalin rush that you get when the supporters are singing and chanting.

Let me explain what is around me at the moment: There are about 100 supporters of Friends of the Earth, dress in blue plastic coats, chanting and clapping that we can let Africa suffer. They need our help etc.

To my right a large plenary session has just finished and the negotiators are just exiting after listening to a plea from one of the Africa developing countries.

Above on the press gallery, representatives from the 5000 journalists are reporting for the 100s of TV channels that are sending images of COP15 all around the world.

If your name is not on the list – you are not coming in

You have probably heard about the queues. They are only letting in 15000 people into the Bella, and there are over 40000 accredited. This makes for some massive lines and very unhappy people. Thank god I have a staff pass..

This raises some interesting debate: Should the UNFCCC manage the “circus” and limit the number of NGOs and press who are allowed to participate. OR is this part of this very unique event, where the “people” and society are a critical element of the chaos, which is needed to put pressure on the leaders to sign a deal..

More on this later.

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  1. Michel says:

    Way to go Guy! It is great to see our industry represented in Copenhagen. Look forward to seeing you soon somewhere and catch up! Take care, Michel

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