MCI and our role at COP15

Everyone keeps asking me – so what are you guys doing at COP15. Well here is the text from the official press release:

MCI is proud to be a key partner of COP15 by providing professional congress management support and sustainability consulting to the organizers, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. MCI Copenhagen is responsible for sourcing, managing and allocating more than 75’000 room nights for the estimated 15’000+ delegates. (we are now at almost 100000 room nights and over 40000 people)

MCI’s Sustainability Services also plays an important part in the conference organization, by providing:

  • Consulting support to the conference organizers through the preparation and integration of the BS8901 Sustainable Event Management system and certification process
  • Organization of the BS8901 training for external auditors, ‘Dansk Certificering’, the official certification body of the Danish government. Training provided in conjunction with BS8901 co-creator and expert, Tim Sunderland
  • Active participation in the COP15 Sustainability taskforce and the large event organizers taskforce
  • Sustainability training for the ‘Bella Center’ Congress Center
  • Assurance services to create and author the post-event sustainability report

In addition, MCI inspired and manages the creation of a unique private-public initiative called the Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings protocol (CSMP).  The CSMP is powered by six innovative and pioneering organizations that have come together to create a methodology to capture, share and improve on their learning and experience in preparing Copenhagen for COP15. The resulting whitepaper, written by MCI, will offer a flexible framework that can be used to organize large, complex meetings in a sustainable way. It integrates local and international sustainability initiatives, standards, systems and certification programmes. The project partners are: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, VisitDenmark, Wonderful Copenhagen, Municipality of Copenhagen, MCI and Novo Nordisk A/S. For more info:

Guy Bigwood, MCI Group Sustainability Director commented – “it is a proud moment to see MCI working on a project of such importance and meaning. The progress made in organizing COP15 sustainably is significant, ambitious and industry-transforming”.  For more info

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