COP15 conforms to BS8901 certification standard!

Hot off the press! Danish Certification issued today their official report which confirms “The management system used to plan and deliver COP15 conforms to BS 8901:2009″.  For sustainable event enthusiasts, this is much welcome news.

For those of us with MCI Sustainability Services, who have worked behind the scenes to help document and guide the process, it’s nothing short of thrilling.  As you can see with the smile on Guy’s face.

The arrival at this stage of a long and difficult process allows us to make the following observations:

1)  The organizers of COP15, Jan-Christoph Napierski in particular, are highly organized and skilled in the arts of observing good, systematic approaches which included impressive effort to identify and engage their stakeholders.

2) No planners or stakeholders were injured in the process to document COP15 compliance with BS8901. In other words, it’s possible and even recommended that others work to pursue higher standards of sustainable events.

Over the next several weeks, we will be working hard to capture the details and processes behind the organization of the event and will integrate them into a document called ‘The Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol’.  Look for more information about the CSMP here

Look for more information about sustainable aspects of COP15 at their web page


  1. This is fantastic news… Good luck with your documentation. I look forward to follow the progress and to take part of it.

  1. […] registration desks. To find out more about Guy's experiences at COP 15 you can read his blogs here about their engagement with BS8901 and here about the problems they faced with accreditation.Huge […]

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