MCI Inaugural CSR Report 2009

Michael and I have just finished and released the first MCI CSR Report. This is the story of MCIs initial steps on the path to sustainability.

csr_coverIt highlights the strategy, actions and results of what has been achieved in the first few years of the MCI sustainability journey. There are 2 parts.

  1. MCI Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  2. MCI Communication on Progress on implementing the United Nations Global Compact principles

Preparing such a report is a daunting task. Collecting the data, creating an engaging format,  editing all of that – it seemed unending and sometimes exasperating. Our goal was to make it objective, driven by the “materiality” of the data (geeky – reporting word), data based and full of individual stories. The result is a nice looking document but it’s admittedly light on measurement data.

Key Learnings from this exercise include:

  • Create a measurement strategy and start to collect data a year or more before you need to report on it. In this report we failed to produce an annual carbon footprint of MCI. However it has helped us to drive the implementation of the Green Globe Index – which will provide us that information next year
  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Eg: It’s almost impossible to set realistic reduction targets if you do not have an idea of your footprint.
  • Reporting really makes you review and improve on your strategy. It focuses you to break it down into manageable chunks (ie the plan), set clear objectives and structure how you achieve the goals
  • Use GRI to help structure your measureables and reporting. Again we started late and its not shown in this report – but it was fully reviewed and is integrated into the 2010 report strategy.
  • Reporting is a superb engagement tool. By asking junior and senior MCI talent to feedback on the report we increased the level of engagement and dialog to the complete MCI CSR strategy. Ask your staff to write a quote for the report.
  • Use a good designer who has a lot of patience… With 1000 changes to format, text, style etc you need someone with the patience of Buddha.

Now that its published, we need to share it.  The whole point is to have this report serve as the beginning of a dialogue with our stakeholders, without whom we could not improve.  Please take a few moments to read through this and let us know your thoughts.  It’s but another step in the long journey to a more sustainable MCI.

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