Mexico on the green path

Just got back from the Mexican Business Tourism Congress in Villahermosa. The Mexican government is waking up to the need of sustainability in the Tourism industries. This was the first “green” event organised to start a needed discussion about the future.

Mexico Business Tourism Congress

Guy giving Keynote at Congress

Clearly Mexico has its problems, but several cities, businesses and the national certification authority are working hard to implement sustainability standards. if they can learn from the other countries and organisations who have pioneered sustainable meetings around the world then then can get a major innovation leap in very short time, and become a leader in Latin America. This however will also require strong government support, as many destinations lack the basic infrastructure such as Recycling, good water etc etc.

As always in countries with large social differences and issues one needs to be sensitive to not preach. Many of the citizens have very stark security, health or subsistence issues that they are focused on solving.

Here was my presentation. In badly written Spanish . je je je

Cancun and various business organisations are sponsoring the GMIC board meeting in September. This is an example of their commitment to future sustainable development.

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