Carbon Counters, Activate!

Posit : It’s important to measure event-related sustainability indicators  to further the cause and argument for sustainable events.

The most prominent and controversial star of the indicator lineup? Carbon emissions.

Carbon measurement: ‘A profusion of tools, a dearth of quality’

We’ve seen a mad scramble to create tools for tracking carbon emissions. Precious few, however, are designed to help meeting planners (lots of flights,hotel rooms, meals and printing).  Of those, none are designed to provide a simple output of quantifiable, respectable data (MyClimate has a great tool doesn’t provide easy graphs of tables to give the planner perspective of their impact.  At right is one we’ve developed)

For measurement to hit the mainstream:Carbon counter

  • carbon tools need to be easily updated with information readily available to the meeting planner
  • Event registration systems need to capture simple travel-related information from event participants and link that data to online tools that will provide meaningful perspective.
  • The data should be conveniently cataloged for easy reference and goal setting

We’re getting there

Hugo Kimber, an earlier contributor to our blog, recently developed the Carbon Manager.

This tool can be linked to event registration sites (the optimum situation) or can accept simple Excel files of flight information.  The more information a planner can provide, the better the report.

A very simple example of a registration based system can be seen here.  Developed by Mårten Lind and U&W, a Stockholm-based environmental consultancy, this tool asks easy questions and gives values to flights based on distance.  U&W is an approved partner of the great MyClimate offsetting products and they have their own array of compelling products for interested planners.

Which tools do you use and why? If you’re an event planner, what would you need to make carbon measurement part of every event?

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