Water waste not, water want not

A longtime event organizing collaboration between our company, MCI Group, and Stockholm International Water Institute’s World Water Week brings water issues close to home. Referencing this research, thousands of lives hang in the balance. Sanitation concerns, distribution issues, environmental impacts, and educational issues all combine to make this what may be the biggest sleeping giant affecting global communities right now. In fact, many close to issues of global sustainable development see clean water scarcity as the most ignored crisis and are hopeful that the current focus on climate change impacts can result in some action being taken.

Meanwhile, 30% of available fresh drinking water supplied to households in the USA is used to flush toilets. A related statistic, and closer to home for the meetings industry, is that the average meeting delegate (read: 1 person) uses over 3400 liters (850 gallons) of water during a 3 day conference. That’s something like 3 times the amount they would use at home. With water becoming an ever more precious resource, meeting planners can lead the way for better practices by asking for more from suppliers and by raising awareness. Some thoughts:

  • When performing site visits at hotels and congress centers, ask for the documentation showing that showerheads, sinks and toilets are low flow
  • Promote awareness among your delegates by providing water saving tips
  • Provide lifestraws as speaker gifts to raise awareness

More / better Ideas? Please share!

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  1. […] need for greater focus on water issues has been addressed by us before but World Water Week is an inspiring–and humbling- event offering urgent reminder of the need […]

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