Future employees demand change.

Participating at the World Business Summit on Climate Change in conversations with the CEOs of Pepsico, Unilever, WPP, etc I was stuck by how they clearly recognised the need of having a leadership CSR strategy for their business. One of their key reasons was the need to attract, retain and manage talent.(you can watch this session here )

I realised this today when asked on the blog to provide some more detail about MCIs CSR program from a university student. I thought that this may be interesting to share, as it clearly shows the interest from your people following a companies reputation via their blog. Here is my reply


I am BA student and studying in event management in Switzerland.

I want to ask some questions.

Dear Cecilia

Thank you for your excellent questions. I am the CSR director and I would like to reply. Your questions could not be more timely as I am participating in the world business summit on climate change (you can follow this on my twitter page)

Does MCI group have any challenge in CSR?

Sustainability/CSR is complex in any organization. MCI certainly faces challenges in training our large staff and staying abreast of the very fast moving trends, developments and best practices. MCI has 34 offices around the world and each has a different level of maturity with it’s integration of CSR. Culture differences, resources, time and money, will always provide limits to being able to advance our CSR agenda as rapidly as we would like. Still, we are committed to the principles outlined in the UN Global Compact and we are committed to maintaining our position as a leader in sustainable business practices for the meetings and events industry. These commitments drive us to find improvements in spite of the challenges we face as we realise there is a major business case for sustainability in our industry.

From the company publication, I find out that the strategies implemented into CSR issue is quite successful until now?

Sustainable practices are relatively new in the meetings and events industry and MCI has been an early leader in shaping systems and protocols to reduce the environmental impacts of events while at the same time promoting healthy communities and efficient use of natural resources. While we are pleased with the progress to date, we also see a great deal of work to do.

Also, there are some different trends among the event industry, foe example eco-friendly event and meetings, minimize the event budget due to the economics crisi, events also are going to be more globalized and emerging to the Asia market. Do you see some more trends?

Asia is a huge growth area for the meetings industry and MCI is a part of that growth. Trends in sustainable event practices are primarily in the areas of measurement, measurement and the creation of standards. If you were to Google search ‘BS8901′ (sustainable event management), you will find information about a recent trend to bring a more systematic approach to the planning of sustainable events. Measurement and carbon emissions disclosure will become a big issue in the near future as it is becoming mandatory in many countries such as UK, denmark etc

The biggeest trend is going green, is it not a challenge for you and the company? It is because I can see the company put lots of efforts on it.

We have invested a lot of money in CSR because we believe its our responsibility and moral obligation. At the same time sustainability (green) is the only viable alternative for successful future business. Hence there will be massive green growth in the forecoming years. MCI wants to help these organisations become successful. Doing this we will also become successful.

As an example of our csr work, MCI is now the event organisers of the World Business Summit on Climate Change, the UN Climate Change Conference, the World Mayors Climate Change Conference and many more… There is a business case for sustainability!

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  1. Tracen says:

    I’m gtreaufl you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

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