Action! EWEA stars as green event planner

Too many, it seems, prefer the ‘Analysis to Paralysis’ approach to green events. They perform exhausted reviews of every detail until, battered and forlorn, they retreat to their traditional planning methods feeling that sustainable events are too difficult. Anja Wimmer, Senior Event Manager and Luisa Coll Hellyer, of the European Wind Energy Association provide a healthy example for any planner with such afflictions of mental paralysis.

When considering the myriad of decisions in planning EWEC2009, their annual event, they took action in practical ways. They measured their event using MeetGreen , engaged their suppliers with codes of conduct and on site interviews, (full disclosure: we provided this support!), made firm requests for recycling, chose a logistics supplier that recycled 18,220sqm of exhibition space carpet, requested locally produced F&B from a stellar supplier, and started a dialogue of sustainability in the host community, Marseille.

By taking an approach of “constant improvement” instead of “perfect the first time” they left a legacy of sustainable awareness in the city of Marseille, France. They took action and are event industry stars for the impressive efforts and investments they made. Thank you Anja and Luisa for being a great example

Click here for more info on the EWEA Greening program

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