Practical Wisdom, sensible solutions

I feel so fortunate to have,  in the last 3 days,  been present for passionate speeches by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Wangari Maathai, Rt Hon Tony Blair and President Bill Clinton.  It was like a festival of voices for action against climate change.  While often worrisome, the central themes for each leader offering inspiration for taking action with sensible solutions.

For event planners and suppliers who seek to integrate sustainability into their projects,  I share one idea  gleaned from these provocative presentations (not 1 Powerpoint slide among them, by the way..  amazing):

The Green Belt Movement: Wangari Maathai’s campaign to re-forest the Congo and the world.  20% of global warming is the result of deforestation from the 3 main forest ‘lungs’ of our planet (Amazon, Indonesia and the Congo).  The impact is 4 to 5 times greater than the global transport sector combined.  Consider an activity or event that supports this cause and, in so doing, show an activated response to climate change and social investment in the developing world.

These leaders are calling for us all to come together and take action in our own spheres of influence.  Such practical wisdom, such a sensible solution.

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