A Purpose-driven CSR plan

For what do you wish to be remembered?  That well organized, office rotation for taking out the recycling?  Perhaps a bold introduction of durable mugs to replace the paper cups in the cafeteria?  Noble efforts to be sure, but what, really, do you wish to leave as a legacy?

Amy Spatrisano, President of Meeting Strategies Worldwide and the meeting industry’s  guiding light for sustainability (a subjective declaration, perhaps, but Amy is, by any measure a remarkable and passionate leader), has said made the observation that the Triple Bottom Line pillars of People, Planet, Profit fail to include what is, perhaps, the secret ingredient to a successful and inspired CSR plan: Purpose.

Purpose.  “Why does sustainability matter to me, and to my company? For what will we be remembered?”

Defining Purpose provides context and meaning and needed energy to fuel to efforts to create your CSR plan and the strategy to build it.

Purpose… What’s yours?

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