Karl Marx predicted it all

I was sent this today, and I think Karl Marx perfectly summarizes whats going on around the world. Its amazing that he wrote this in 1867.

“Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks, which will have to be nationalised, and the State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to communism”

With the increase government control of many large corporations around the world we will see a lot of changes in the forthcoming years. Who knows how this will pan out. My feelings is that it could be good for Ethics, CSR and Sustainability. Yesterdays commitments from Obama about a new energy policy and also his commitment regarding a more ethical Whitehouse are first indications of probable US policy. Its not really surprising since its the governments who will sign the binding targets at the COP15 UN climate change meeting in December and they will want to pass on the risk and job of achieving these targets to the business world. Now that they have so much control in many of the industries and financial world, it will be easier for them to enforce new carbon and renewables legislation. At the same time there may be a greater tendency for governments to become more nationalistic. Yesterday for example in Spain, one of the worst affected countries, the Minister for the Economy called for Spanish industry to buy local. In tough times and with a need to reduce carbon emissions through transport, we can expect to see much more of these types of messages.

So is Karl Marx right? Will we see a return to a new form of communism?


  1. You bluntly confuse government management with Communism …

    • Guy Bigwood says:

      That was not my point, so i will rephrase. however it does beg the question… who know how this will turn out in 20 years. perhaps Marx will be right. he certainly was in the case of Russia

  2. He certainly WASN’t in the case of Russia … according to Marx the development of capitalism would have to be accomplished in order to make possible the rise of a communist society … Russia went from a from a feudal system to something that could be better described as an industrialized ‘Asian Mode of Production’ …

  3. Guy Bigwood says:

    Good point . But isn’t that whats happening in Russia now? Is Russia returning to a newer form of Communism? The government control (directly and indirectly) of the big corporations and apparent peoples support of the “old values” seems like a return to their old path. I don’t pretend to be an expert in Communism but they certainly have veered away from the perestroika and glasnost path.

  4. No … they’re back to their ‘industrialized Asian Mode of Production’ … crony capitalist style … with an oligarchy everything else …

  5. Edgar Cubina says:

    I always have thought Liberalism far beyond any economic policy.

    I only understand it as a free way of thinking involving all views of our existency under the path of the individual, social, economic and human FREEDOM in order to share self confidentiality with the community.

    We have a long list of countries (Russia, China, Irán, Burma, URSS, Cuba, North Corea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Venezuela, Bolivia ….) where Communism’failures are and have been suffered by its citizens. These examples are the final answer to the question argued by Mr. Bigwood attending to the possible “return to a new form of communism”….

    Let’s keep moving….. FORWARD!

  6. TheWatcher says:

    Im afraid i don’t share the same sentiments as you,Edgar, though you are correct in a sense.Yes, all those countries are evidence of failed Communist regimes, but the naive notion of Liberalism is only a cleverly-edited watered down version of NeoColonialism. Im not a Know-it-all or nothing like that, but we are moving backwards, Sir, slowly but surely..

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