We have had the pleasure of working with some visionary corporations, governments, NGOs and associations who are truly changing their business models and operational practices to become more sustainable.

Clients include:

  • Sustainability / Smart City Strategy: Over 40 governments, municipalities, and destination management organisations including Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dubai, Gothenburg, Korea, Singapore, Stockholm, Seoul, Thailand, UAE.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Coalition Building: UNFCC, UNEP, UNGC, UNCBD, Sustainable Brands, GRI, WBCSD, Smart City Council
  • Event Strategy: DO Smart City, World Business Summit on Climate Change, Rio +20, COP11, COP15, Responsible Business Summit, Bristol 2015 European Green Capital, Society for Conservation Biology
  • Sustainability Management System Development and Certification: EU Presidency, Marina Bay Sands, Venetian Macau, SAP, Symantec, Goldman Sachs
  • Standards Development. Korean, Thai, Singapore and Mexican Governments, UNFCC, UNEP, ISO and GRI


Here are a few good case studies from within MCI and with some of our other clients, to whom we provided a helping hand with strategic consulting, training, coaching, reporting and/or measurement services.

MCI: Our work within MCI, and a good example of GRI G4 reporting

Clients: Events, destination and venue consulting

  • http://mcisustainability.com/our-priorities/clients/
  • http://2013.mcisustainability.com/our-priorities/clients/
  • http://2012.mcisustainability.com/our-progress/clients/


  • We are lucky to have won over 21 awards for our work. View examples here