Janet Cheung
Janet is passionate about helping people be and feel well. She is a holistic health practitioner, acupuncturist and Reiki master. Qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Janet splits her time as a therapist helping individuals and as a consultant helping organisations to have more balanced and healthy people.

Over the last 16 years, Janet has developed a holistic approach to wellness that combines the wisdom and practices of western and oriental techniques; Entitled “Inner Sense”, this approach not only has helped her patients stay fit and healthy but has been developed into a way to work with employees and participants at events. The simple mantra being healthy people make healthy organisations.

In another life, Janet was a managing chartered accountant and worked for 15 years for PWC. In GuBi she oversees finances, ensuring we are mindful and including people at the center of our sustainability projects
She lives in the hills near Barcelona, and when not working can be found in her organic garden or enjoying nature in the mountains.

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