Nadine Seleem
Passionate about sustainability and with a buzzing brain, Nadine loves brainstorming sustainability strategies and ideas. Born and raised in Cairo, she has lived and worked across Europe, North America and the Middle East in both private and non-profit sectors.
Nadine graduated from The University of Geneva with a masters’ degree in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development.

She worked in communications for the UN Women programme before joining MCI sustainability Services in 2017. In 2019 she joined GuBi, and has been leading development of the GDS-Index programme, working on the benchmarking process, consulting, reporting and external communications.

Alongside her international career and education, she has developed a strong eye to detail all while being able to see the bigger picture, making her a valuable addition to the GuBi team.

A happy polyglot with a foody heart and dancing feet, on her free time you can find her dancing the night away, improvising a new dish or striking up conversations with strangers in new places.

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