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Event Sustainability: Trends and Best practices

Its been a while since we shared any of our presentations on trends, best practices and top tips. This week I had the pleasure to speak at the Associations World

Saying “No” to All-Male Panels: Why it Matters

Think about the last conference you attended and try to recall: was there an all-male panel? And what about the conference before that? In fact, have the majority of panel

Sustainable Development Goals & Event Management

September 2015 marked an important development in the international community: the end of the Millennium Development Goals and the start of a new era with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The

How can Associations Work Better with Destinations to Drive Sustainability

By 2050, 70% of the world`s population of almost 10 billion people will live in cities. It is becoming increasingly critical for association executives to broaden their agendas to include

Part II: The Rising C’s of our Urban Future

Last week we presented Part I of this two-part article: The Rising C’s of our Urban Future. Part I revealed the first four «C’s» as trending issues for destinations and

Part I: The Rising C’s of Our Urban Future

Cities have been the engines of knowledge, productivity and growth throughout history, and will be essential to the future competitiveness of nations and regions. As Smart City implementations become more

Association Sustainability Programmes
We help associations to engage their members, co-create solutions
and accelerate their sector’s transition towards
a more sustainable circular future.
Develop Smart Sustainable Destinations
We help cities and destination management organisations to engage their communities, create sustainability strategies, develop education programs, create stories and communicate their progress.
Catalyse Sustainability Performance
We work with event organisers and venues to implement sustainability management systems, train their talent, audit their supply chain, enhance marcom programs, and achieve certification

Less conversation more action


Our purpose is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and circular economy.

Less conversation more action


To accelerate systemic change we believe that you need to bring together the key influencers and decisions makers from all parts of a system, to discuss challenges and work together on finding new solutions. We believe that this will lead to a brighter future not only for that community, but for society as a whole

Less conversation more action

Global Destination Sustainability Index

To accelerate systemic change on how destinations manage their events and business tourism industry, we co-created the Global Destinations Sustainability Index.

 Today the GDS-Index is working with over 50 Destination Management Organisations and Convention Bureaus to benchmark performance, improve their sustainability strategy, and drive the adoption of sustainable event practices and sharing of best practices in their destination.


“When people come together Magic happens. The meeting of minds between Guy and MCI resulted into an industry changing initiative. Guy is a true inspiration in leading the CSR conversation in the meeting's industry.”
Sebastien Tondeur
Chief Executive Office MCI Group
“I have worked closely with Guy for many years. He is a thought leader who is passionate, knowledgeable and a great relationship builder. His work with our clients has made a real difference and won many awards. Guy has played a key role to make the Meeting Industry more sustainable”.
Robin Lokerman
MCI Group President
“Guy is a passionate and likable professional who has an outstanding ability to persuade ‘non believers’. His online commentary on the topic of sustainability is exemplary and is only surpassed in effectiveness by his keynote addresses around the world”
Ian Hemmingway
Dell Marketing Manager

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Glad to meet you


We love to connect, share, collaborate and create impact. Please contact us if you would like to develop your sustainability program, if you need an interview, are looking for a keynote speaker or just want a good chat and a cup of tea.

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